In the last 7 months…

In the last 7 months, I have gotten to know Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia. In the last 7 months, I have experienced some of the best times, hardest times, and most inspirational times of my life.

In the last 7 months, I have been in one minor motorbike accident, one major car accident, eaten various organs from various animals, posed for countless selfies with Asians (I can’t imagine how many Asian Facebooks display my face), produced body odors that resemble nasi goreng and chicken curry, acquired and conquered staff infection from an infected rope burn, been transported to a hospital in a wheel barrow/cart, watched a little girl get hit by a car (I was a passenger in the car), watched a kangaroo get hit by a car (again, I was a passenger), endured Bali belly once and Lombok belly twice, and found myself completely broke of money for the first time in my life.

(just a few selfies)

In the last 7 months, I have surfed waves in Bali, Lombok, and Australia, skiied on Australian snow, learned to ride a motorbike, learned (and still learning) to play ukelele, played piano in an Aussie airport, hula hooped in countless bars and beaches, fire hooped in a few bars and beaches, taught tourists and local children hula hoop tricks, driven on terrifying 4WD tracks in the Australian outback, worked as a mathematics tutor, full-time nanny, olive farm laborer, and farm animal care-taker, visited and meditated in Hindu and Buddhist temples, learned to cook Slovakian food, scuba dove, swam, snorkeled, and surfed on the most beautiful ocean landscapes I have ever layed eyes upon, seen kangaroo, monkeys, elephants, manta rays, wombats, komodo dragons, octopus, sharks, reindeer, wallaby, wild boar, and hundreds of exotic birds and fish, cuddled and kissed baby wombats, hiked through countless forests, mountains, and rice fields, sang “Hotel California” nearly 50 times, received a healthy number of beach massages, and learned to speak a few basic words in Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Aussie.

In the last 7 months, I have met people from countries that I didn’t realize existed, learned about global issues that are not covered in the news, made friendships with stray Asian dogs, cats, monkeys, and cows, made friendships with humans from around the world (some of which may last my lifetime), fallen in love with an Aussie-Slovak, and, as cliche as it sounds, learned a whole lot about my self.

Ready for the best part?


My journey is not over.

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